Group Discussion

Thursday October 8th, 2015 (Meeting #1):

  • Discussed about the conceptual architecture of Doom 3
  • Split each part to all members equally
  • Prepare ideas for conceptual architecture by next meeting

Tuesday October  13th, 2015 (Meeting #2):

  • Discussed our ideas to each other
  • Picked the best conceptual architecture and improved it more

Saturday October 17th, 2015 (Meeting #3):

  • Modified the conceptual architecture
  • Created the presentation slide

Sunday October 18th, 2015 (Meeting #4):

  • Practiced the presentation slide
  • Discussed about the scene diagram
  • Discussed attires to wear for presentation
  • Uploaded the slides to Moodle and our website

Tuesday October 20th, 2015 (Meeting #5):

  • Practiced presenting with the slides

Saturday October 31st, 2015 (Meeting #6):

  • Updated website
  • Discussed about dependency
  • Discussed our conceptual architecture
  • Discussed Jerry’s logic with presentation attires

Monday November 2nd, 2015 (Meeting #7):

  • What we did research on on our own parts using Understand
  • Divide up what we need to know for the report and the presentation
  • Started the presentation and report

Tuesday November 3rd, 2015 (Meeting #8):

  • Discussed more about the architecture
  • Added more to the slides and report
  • Divided the slides evenly among everyone
  • We talked about switching to the BFG Understand Demo but decided to stay with the regular version we are currently working on

Thursday November 5th, 2015 (Meeting #9):

  • Revised report and slides to reflect upon the feedback given in our first assignment
  • Took the advices Dr. Hassan has given us (via office hour) and implement it into our report and presentation
    • Changed our LSEdit and Renderer

Sunday November 8th, 2015 (Meeting #10):

  • Revised report and slides again
  • Changed our diagram on Understand, because we mixed some files up

Monday November 9th, 2015 (Meeting #11):

  • Practiced the presentation as Cody was at a varsity event for the past 5 days
  • Finalized our scripts

Thursday November 12th, 2015 (Meeting #12):

  • Finalized the report

Saturday November 21st, 2015 (Meeting #13):

  • Discussed with group about what to implement
  • Settled on what to implement

Tuesday November 24th, 2015 (Meeting #14):

  • Met up with group to distribute the parts of the implementation equally

Saturday November 28th, 2015 (Meeting #15):

  • Made the slides as a group
  • Dig deeper into SAAM Analysis
  • Finish writing the report

Sunday November 29th, 2015 (Meeting #16):

  • Finalized the presentation
  • Practice our presentation